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Pints with the Pack Presents:
Unpacking Masculinity Speaker Series
Proudly supported by SARC & Next Gen Men

This speaker series is dedicated to deconstructing stereotypical masculinity and creating space for healthy masculinity. Undefining what it means to "be a man".  This series will spark ideas for men as to how they can grow, heal, and raise a healthier next generation through offering new perspectives and ideas to old and persistent problems such as: gender inequality, patriarchal violence, fatherhood, men's mental health, and many more relevant topics. Everyone is welcome to join this free virtual series. Guests will increase their knowledge and engage in discussion about how men can contribute to solving these issues that affect men and that men have a contribution in solving.  More information can be found on Pints with the Packs, Next Gen Men, and SARC’s Facebook page.

Topics discussed in this series may include addiction, self-harm, suicide etc. If you need support please reach out to SARC, and/or our community partners.

 Breaking Out of the Man Box with Michael Flood PhD: How outdated norms of manhood harm men, and how to build healthier lives for men

Men’s and boys’ lives are limited by narrow, outdated ideas about manhood. Men pay a heavy price for conformity to these ideas, including poorer health, shallower relationships, and violence. But expectations about manhood are changing. Growing numbers of men and boys are moving beyond the constraints of the ‘Man Box’. There is growing recognition that everyone will benefit if men can break free from harmful gender stereotypes. And there are effective ways to promote healthier masculinities.