Bonding Bingo Prize Pack to Win


Hello Bonding Bingo families!
Can you believe it? We’re at the halfway point in our Bonding Bingo program! It’s been great to have so many families in the communities of Southeastern Alberta participating in our first ever Bonding Bingo.
With nearly three weeks left in the planned program, you still have time for bonding with your family and completing as many of the activities as you can on your bingo card. If you have missed any of the live events – no worries! All of the events that are date and time specific are recorded so you can watch at your convenience.

Live Zoom Event – In Case You Missed It!

July 12 | A Pause for Breath: Enhance with Essential Oils | Bonding Bingo: A Pause for Breath: Enhance with Essential Oils – YouTube

July 22 | Bye, Bye Bully | Bonding Bingo: Bye Bye Bully! – YouTube

July 25 | Karate Klass | Bonding Bingo: Karate Klass – YouTube
July 26 | Live Be Ready! Emergency Preparedness | Bonding Bingo: Live Be Ready! Emergency Preparedness – YouTube

In addition to the live events there are many other opportunities for you to spend time together this summer. Simple activities you can do with your kids that are low or no cost to you include, a family game night, cooking a meal together, playing a sport together, or getting a room in your house organized or hosting a garage sale! Any of these activities are good ways to spend time together and build family connections.

Coming up in the Bonding Bingo activities program, there are several more live events scheduled that you can do with your family. Again, if you miss any, check out the recorded show after the event. Stay tuned for the following live events:
Live Zoom Event – Coming Up!
August 3rd at 11:00 am | Better Boundaries, Better Communication
August 4th at 7pm | Pottery Night |
August 5th at 7:00 pm | Hands Are Not For Hitting – Information Night

August 10th at 4:00 pm | Career Decision Making

August 11th at 2:00 pm | Balancing the Medicine Wheel
August 16 at 4:00 pm | Bonding Yoga: Exploring positive touch through yoga

***** Prize to be Won! *****
One lucky family can win this ultimate family bonding prize which includes;
• Day Pass to Family Leisure Centre in Medicine Hat
• Pizza Dinner for Pizza 73 ($50 Gift Card)
• Family Pass to Hoopla’s Mini Golf
Sponsored by our friends at Keill & Co.

Here’s how you earn entries to the draw:
❖ You must be registered for Bonding Bingo
❖ Post and tag Sanare Centre on your social media using the hashtag #bondingbingo

Social Media Sharing!
Sharing on your social media gets you an ADDITIONAL DRAW ENTRY for the prize pack!
Any time you post on social media and use the hashtag #bondingbingo you will get an additional entry. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where we will be sharing Bonding Bingo event reminders and fun family bonding activities to do with your peeps!

Happy bonding!



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